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Upgrade your Footscray home’s outdated electricity with help from a reliable electrician

If calling an electrician out to your Footscray home is becoming a regular occurrence, it’s time to think about upgrading your property’s electrical system. Unfortunately, for those who live in older homes, it is likely your electrical system will at some stage need an electrical repair or upgrade. These days, with constant technological advances, our home’s electrical systems are being put under much more pressure. With an increased need to accommodate a greater electronic demand than ever before, old homes can sometimes struggle. While new homes are being built with advanced electrical systems and under new electrical codes that live up to the requirements, old homes need some help. 


If you notice the three following signs at your home, it is time to call an electrician.

  1. Do the lights in your home flicker and fade?
    You may have noticed whenever you flick the electric beaters on in the kitchen the overhead lights momentarily stop. It could be when you crank the air conditioner on during a summer heat wave the ceiling lights dim ever so slightly. If you are experiencing a similar problem it may indicate you require some further wiring. It is important to wire moto-driven appliances on a dedicated circuit, as they pull a lot of the current.
  2. Are you often being thrust into complete darkness? If you are having to leave torches and candles around the place just incase you are plunged into another blackout, it’s time to hire a professional electrician in Footscray to investigate the problem. Constant black outs often suggest a dangerous fault on a circuit or circuits is present.
  3. Do you often find yourself tripping in your home as a result of extensions cords that are littered across your carpets and under rugs. This is a clear sign that your home is in need of additional outlets.

Always call an emergency electrician if an emergency strikes in your Footscray home

Unfortunately, failure to upgrade your home’s outdated electrical system can result in an electrical emergency. If you find yourself needing an emergency electrician immediately in Footscray, call the trusted team at Electricians on Call. We offer a comprehensive 24/7 emergency electrical service to ensure you are never left stuck in the dark. When you call our emergency electricians you will have peace of mind knowing they will respond in a quick and efficient manner. We guarantee to be at your property within one hour of your phone call.

To phone our emergency electrician in Footscray today, call Electricians on Call on 0459 033 100.


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