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Any professional electrician will tell you that the average home in Port Melbourne is full of electrical safety hazards. While you may think your home is completely safe, there are easy steps you can take to ensure you and your family are completely safe against electrical dangers.

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How to safeguard your home against electrical hazards so you won’t have to rely on an emergency electrician at Port Melbourne 

If you find yourself constantly calling an emergency electrician out to your Port Melbourne property, it’s likely there are several electrical safety hazards present at your home. To get your home up to acceptable safety standards, the electricians at Electricians on Call have provided the following advice to homeowners:


While lightbulbs help deliver shining light to us, we never really consider them as an electrical hazard. While by themselves they are not dangerous, they can cause trouble when they are placed near flammable material. Household items like curtains, bedding, upholstery and even plastic can all spark an electrical problem.

Putting our electrical fires with water

Fires can be very scary, especially when they start out of nowhere. Usually our first instinct is to throw water on the fire to try an extinguish it. Unfortunately though, when it’s an electrical fire, water makes things much worse. Rather than putting out the flames, they are likely to make them even bigger. A good idea is keeping a fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen in case of the event.

Keep your hands dry

Most of us know the rule about water and electricity; however, many of us are guilty of handling electrical appliances with wet hands. To ensure your own safety it’s important to make sure your hands are dry before handling electrical appliances. This is particularly an important rule for devices used in the bathroom. Next time you reach for your hairdryer after a shower, be sure your hands are nice and dry. It’s also vital you keep electronics away from any pools of water like the shower and bathtubs.

Keep young children safe

It’s important to implement additional electrical safety measures when you have young children in your home. With young babies and toddlers having the tendency to crawl around on the floor, things like electrical outlets are right at their level. To ensure children don’t poke their fingers or other objects into the sockets, you can simply cover them over with plastic closures.

Electrical cords and wires covered 

It is possible for cords and wires to overheat and cause electrical fires. While the prospect is often considered quite rare, they do radiate heat, which is why it’s best to ensure they aren’t covered.

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