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Electricians Available in St. Kilda After Hours for An Emergency and Start-to-Finish Projects

Have you ever lost electricity for a half hour? Just a half hour and suddenly you realise how greatly you depend on it. Think about those sweltering days when the temperatures drop, and all you care about is air conditioning. Or maybe it’s cold, and all you can think about is warming up in a hot shower. Perhaps you’ve got a basket of clothes to wash, and soon you and your family won’t have work shirts or socks if you can’t power up that washing machine. You can’t use your microwave when the electricity is out and don’t want to open the refrigerator even for a cold meal.

On top of all that, not being able to watch TV the second we want is something we are not accustomed to, or not being able to keep a laptop charged long for Internet use.

It’s not just power outages from storms or other issues that shut the power down sometimes for days. If your electricity has been flickering or you suspect issues, don’t wait, contact Electricians On Call (EOC).

A 24/7 electrician in St. Kilda can be at your doorstep or business fast, even after hours. An emergency electrician for St. Kilda may be needed if you fear a problem even if your power is still on.

If you need an electrical change in your set up or wiring in a new building, an electrician in St. Kilda can help you figure out the design. We offer free consultations, and our after hours electrician in St. Kilda has flexible times available and can schedule with you at the time you prefer.

How to Know if It’s an Electrician in St. Kilda That You Need

Sometimes you might not realise if it’s electrical help you need when something is not working right. Whether you need an emergency 24 hour electrician in St. Kilda or a non-emergency appointment that you can schedule later, contact Electricians On Call—we are open 24 hours, 24/7. Here are some electrical warning signs that should prompt you to get in touch with us right away if you experience them:

  • A safety switch trips more than occasionally.
  • Lights flicker, and there isn’t a loose or defective bulb.
  • Power switches or outlets make a buzzing sound.
  • An outlet is hot to the touch.
  • Frequently there are sparks when you connect an appliance to power.
  • A burning smell comes from a switch or outlet—if so, turn off power at the breaker panel immediately and call your electrician to prevent an electrical fire.

The Best Electricians Can Fix Old Building Wiring and Equip You for Solar Power

Installing solar energy or re-wiring an old building requires electrical professionals. Electricians On Call offer an advanced level of know-how in analysing and fixing electrical issues and designing and fitting solar energy systems. We are A-class licensed master electricians, meaning we adhere to Australian standards, and we have accreditation with the Clean Energy Council (CEC).