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Smoke Alarm Installation Melbourne

Protect your home and family with a smoke alarm installation

Is your smoke alarm working properly? How do you know if it is providing protection for your family? If you are a landlord it is legislation to have a working smoke alarm in your tenanted property.

With Electricians on Call you will have peace of mind knowing knowing your smoke alarm has been installed by fully qualified, expert electricians and located in the best place to protect your family in the case of a fire.

Have you checked your smoke alarm lately? A smoke alarm should be:

  • Installed on each floor of the property
  • Located outside of all bedrooms or resting areas
  • TEST smoke alarms monthly
  • Change the batteries every year
  • Replace older smoke alarms,older than 10 years old
  • Know what to do if the smoke alarm goes off

Every household or business needs a smoke alarm, Don’t risk it

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