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Solar for Business

Commercial Solar Power

The smart choice for business

A commercial solar system could just be the best investment you make. Across Australia more and more business are installing solar power systems to combat electricity price hikes.

Electricians on Call has installed hundreds of solar power systems across Melbourne, With an impressive portfolio and commitment to quality.

Mark the lead CEC accredited installer has years of experience in designing and installing solar powered systems. Mark is a licensed electrician with over 12 years industry experience.

At Electricians on Call our team of experienced commercial installers work with you to achieve savings for your business.

By Choosing Electricians on Call , as your solar installer, you will get the peace of mind which comes with experience and quality. Electricians on Call offers support to help your business get the best from solar power.

We understand that everyone has different needs for their business and any business decision requires considered cost analysis. That’s why at Electricians on Call we carefully assess each prospective installation to determine which solar power system option delivers the best return on your investment for your business.

Our solar experts can assist with:

  • System sizing, design,planning and Installation
  • Evaluating the return on investment
  • All network approvals
  • Ongoing maintenance plans
  • Monitoring and displaying system production

We also take care of all regulatory and network approvals on your behalf.


System Size Solar Panels Inverter Roof Area Estimated Annual Savings Finance Available
10kw 40 x 250w Panels SMA/Fronius/Delta/Powerone 18-120m2 $2000-$4800 Yes
15kw 60 x 250w Panels SMA/Fronius/Delta/Powerone 120-160m2 $3000-$7000 Yes
20kw 80 x 250w Panels SMA/Fronius/Delta/Powerone 160-200m2 $4000-$9000 Yes
30kw 120 x 250w Panels SMA/Fronius/Delta/Powerone 240-300m2 $6000-$14000 Yes

*Estimated Annual Savings figure extracted from the official Clean Energy Council Consumer Guide.
**To find out about finance options please contact us. Terms & Conditions apply.

30 kw Pv Grid Connect Solar Installation-Sunshine,Victoria