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Switchboard Upgrades Melbourne

Electricians on Call can upgrade,repair and install your switchboard. Older houses mostly have old wiring and unsafe switchboards which do not function safely, are not equipped with safety switches and provide poor power supply to the home. Older Switchboards cannot support the demand that today modern technology places on the switchboard.

Unsure if you need a switchboard upgrade? It may be time for a switchboard upgrade if you have experienced any of the following:

 Poor Power Supply?
 Overloaded Circuits?
 Thinking Of Renovating?
 Installing Solar Power?
 Circuits Tripping?
 Power Surging?
 Fuses/Switchboard Burnt Out?

Why Do I Need A

Switchboard Upgrade?

1) Outdated switchboards are unsafe and highly prone to overloading and short circuits. The older fuses are unsafe and outdated and pose an electrical safety risk to your home, family and belongings. There is also an increased chance of electrical shock. Electrical safety switches, available today with up to date switchboards, ensure that you do not get an electric shock in the event that something occurs. An electrical safety switch shuts down the main power supply as soon as it senses there is a power leakage from a damaged wire or switch.

2) In todays world we are placing an increased demand on our switchboard it is more important than ever to ensure your switchboard is safe. A Switchboard upgrade will give you peace of mind knowing your power supply meets current AS/NZ 3000 standards and can support the demand your home is placing on your switchboard. A switchboard upgrade will ensure that your home is protected and running efficiently.

3) If you experience frequent power tripping, poor power supply, your circuits could be overloaded, meaning you may need a switchboard upgrade.

In everyday life, the safety of your family is our number one priority. Your switchboard is the main point of supply to your home, in most cases the switchboard poses the highest electrical threat to your home. If your switchboard is not safe , you are putting your house and belongings at risk.

Just like appliances in our home, everything needs to be replaced at some stage in its life. When was the last time your switchboard was upgraded?

Today’s regulations ensure switchboards are fitted with trip circuit breakers and safety switches which cut the electricity automatically when there is a fault.