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What To Consider When Hiring An Electrician

Faulty electrical wiring is a common cause of house fires and poses a danger to your home and belongings. Never do your own electrical work, always engage a registered electrical contractor for any type of electrical work. Any electrical work at your home or business should be done to a high quality, however, how do you know how to choose a good electrician? Here are some tips:

Tip #1: License

The first thing to confirm with any electrician is are they licensed. It is illegal for any person to carry out any electrical work without the necessary license. In VIC Energy Safe Victoria has strict policies and electrical safety standards. Once you have confirmed the electrician is licensed you can verify their license is valid on the Energy Safe Victoria Website click here. Choosing a licensed electrician ensures that you will be engaging the services of someone who has completed the necessary training to carry out the work required. Also be sure to check that the license the electrician holds covers the work you need done.

Tip #2: Insurance

Confirm if the electrician holds public liability insurance. Electricians in certain states of Australia are required to hold public liability insurance in order to get their Registered Electrical Contractors license (REC).

Public liability insurance is designed to protect electricians from the financial impacts of negligent events. Public liability insurance is designed to cover the costs of a claim against the electricians business where the electrician or their staff’s negligent actions have resulted in property damage to your home or business.

Tip #3: Certificate Of Electrical Safety (COES)

Ask the electrician if they will provide you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES). After your work has been carried out you should be provided with a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES). A Certificate of Electrical safety is your assurance that the work has been carried out by a qualified tradesman and to the standards required in Victoria for safety and quality. If the electrician is not prepared to provide you a Certificate of Electrical Safety then you should find another Registered Electrical Contractor.

Tip #4: Recommendations Or Reviews

When choosing an Electrician asks friends and family if they know of an electrician that they have used and were happy with. If you are not able to obtain any recommendations from friends or family, ask the electrician if they have any testimonials.

Remember if the electrician won’t give you a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) or show you a valid Registered Electrical Contractors licence (REC), look elsewhere!